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“This is Back to Basics that you all know and love, but bigger and better! With clear learning intentions and outcomes, systematic skill building and opportunities for differentiation, this program offers an educationally sound framework for students of all ages to improve their abilities in learning Sichos of the Rebbe”.

- Mrs. Sara Rosenfeld, Doctor of Education, Curriculum Director, Yeshivah-Beth Rivkah, Melbourne, Australia.

“The great challenge ahead of us is not just to learn the Rebbe’s Sichos, but to internalize them in our hearts and apply them to our lives–to LIVE them and breathe them. The “Back to Basics” Curriculum will most certainely help English speaking students of all ages not only understand the Sichos, but will also allow them to master the skills so they can learn the Sichos on their own and soar to the place where heaven and earth have never been separated.”

- Rabbi Yossi Jacobson, Dean of

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We appreciate always getting your emails. It’s so well done and amazing for people to learn. We had a student at our Chabad House that became a ba’al teshuva here and gets your emails on the Sicha every week and he learned it with my son on Shavuos. It was really beautiful. Thanks so much for what you’re doing.

- Shmuel Tiechtel


My daughter in High School would get your fabulous sichos every week.Thank you for that, she really did well with them. However now that she is away in Seminary, her sister would love to learn sichos, but needs the english. How can I get your weekly sichos e-mailed to me so I can print them up for her?

Please let me know.


Thank you.



Is it possible to be on “the list” to receive these emails? I am a Baal Teshuva who lives nowhere near a Chabad House and although during the week I am able to learn on Skype or etc. on Shabbos I like learning a sicha. When I am by shluchim I am sometimes able to learn a sicha but other times I can’t. I wish I could just pick up a sicha and learn it alone but sadly at the moment I am not at that stage. However, thanks to Back2Basics I am able to. My Yiddish reading is improving BH and my vocabulary is expanding however not every week is the sicha with English after/summary available and therefore I am emailing you asking if I can receive them/resources via email.


Many thanks,

- Channa



I used to pick up your weekly Yiddish Sicha publication in 770 or in Yagdil Torah, but I haven’t been able to find it for quite some time now. I used to be able learn a great deal from it, and I’d like to express my tremendous gratitude to you! I went from not being able to open a Yiddish sicha at all to being able to understand 50% of the sentences by myself, all within a few weeks and thanks to you. I really miss it.


Do you still put it out? If so, where can I find it? Do you have a weekly email that goes out? If so, may I please be added to your subscribers’ list?


- Shachar

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I love teaching my students from these amazing Seforim! 

- Cheder Teacher

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