Q) Learning Yiddish is not high on my school’s priority list. Is there any reason for us to use the B2B workbooks?

Absolutely! Contrary to what people may think, back to Basics is not a Yiddish workbook, it is a Sicha workbook. Our goal is to teach Sichos and help the students understand them and identify with them. The Yiddish skill element is only there to assist the student in learning sichos on their own in the future. If this is not a priority in your school, there is a tremendous amount to be gained from every other element that helps explain the Sicha and makes it relevant. This is also why we deliberately separated the different elements into different colors, so each teacher can decide which parts they want to emphasize.

Q) I am an individual who wants to learn Sichos, is this program useful for me?

Of course. The workbooks are available to anyone who wants to take advantage of them. While our target market is schools, we have had tremendous feedback from all types of individuals who used our program to learn Sichos on their own.

Q) Is there a specific age the workbooks are appropriate for?

When creating a product, the manufacturer must know who he is creating it for. As the saying in Gemara goes, “If you try to grab too much, you end up with nothing.” In order to create a great workbook, the Back to Basics team realized that they needed to zoom in on a specific target audience and create a product that would work for them. This target market was Chabad highschools (14-18). Everything in the workbook is geared toward that demographic. (The style of writing, the questions, the terms used, the classroom exercises etc.) This does not mean that it would not be a great fit for other classrooms or individuals, as we have seen tremendous success with younger grades as well as adults, but it is how the system was initially was developed.

Q) Is there a regular Back to Basics book I can buy, that is not a workbook?

This is a two stage process. As soon as we finish our workbooks we will immediately adjust the content and design style and publish a book that would look great on your shelf, in your shul, or in your office.

Q) How does the workbook differ from that Back to Basics Sichos that have been circulating for the past few years?

The newly developed workbooks are leagues beyond anything we have ever produced. The new elements, the professional writing, the new design all bring this project to a completely new level of professionalism and effectiveness. If you want to see all the new things we added, and gain a clear picture of the workbook, watch our complete tutorial.